Help: Upper Toolbar

Upper Toolbars appear where necessary at the top of the page, providing links to other parts of the database that are specifically relevant to the current page.

The following table describes all icons that appear in the Upper Toolbar and the pages in which they appear:

Icon Description Pages
Opens a context-sensitive Help page from which you can access other Help pages. All pages
Allow you to switch to and from pages you have already viewed All pages
Back Clears the current Search form, allowing you to specify a completely new search. Search
Refine Search Returns you to the current (usually the most recently used) Search page from all other pages. If you have previously executed a search, your original search terms will be preserved in the Search form. All except for the Search page
Context Accesses the Table of Contents page, expanded to the level of the current item. Full Text
Text Only Opens a plain text version of the Full Text in which no icons are displayed. Notes are expanded and displayed in context. Full Text

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